Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Gunshops Fold To Bloomberg

"Five more gun dealers have settled lawsuits brought by City Hall accusing them of allowing illegal gun purchases that help flood New York City's streets with weapons.

The agreements, which include monitors to track inventory and sales at the dealers, bring to 20 the number of gun dealers that have agreed to settle, the Bloomberg administration said.

Three more shops are taking the suits to trial in Brooklyn Federal Court. A trial for Adventure Outdoors of Smyrna, Ga., is scheduled to begin on May 27, and Bob Moates Sport Shop of Midlothian, Va., and Trader World of North Charleston, S.C., have a trial date of Sept. 2."

When a government can press charge after charge and eventually send you to the poor house it's no wonder some would rather toss in the towel and cop some sort of plea.

Not exactly what the Founders had in mind, now is it?

Our largest cities harbor unredeemable criminals literally bred into existence by a system that needs its lower class so that politicians like Bloomberg, and Clinton, and Obama can have powerful jobs to begin with. No person of good will could ever condone blaming a perfectly legal business for the actions of street thugs, and/or illegal aliens that congregate in sanctuary towns all over the country.

This is why it is important to vote during the upcoming election. So leave McCain's name un-ticked, but be sure to throw out the bastards who have made our Congress a haven for modern day slave traders.

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