Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stanley Crouch Shows Us What It Means To Be A Liberal

"The amateurish ploys of the Clinton campaign are, at this point, so self-destructive that they seem tragic.

We should all know that Bill Clinton is one of our most charismatic Americans. I found this out the first time I met him at a White House party for Lionel Hampton. Someone came into the room unannounced, his back was to me and I didn't know who he was until he turned around, but I couldn't stop staring at him. I knew then that I had encountered a rare brand of charisma.

I had a similar experience when I first heard Hillary Clinton speak as a surprise guest at the Ziegfeld Theatre in Manhattan. Everyone who spoke that night seemed obviously amplified by the microphone except the woman in the dark pantsuit.

When I spoke briefly with her at a library on a college campus, I noticed that she had a good grip on that distant but intimate quality politicians share with movie stars. The feeling that you should not get too close; this person is both above you and an inarguable intimate."

The attraction to Bill, Mr. Crouch, is generally referred to as a Man-Crush, one of the first indications of latent homosexuality.

The "feeling" you got from Hillary on the other hand, is simply your yearning to be subjugated by royalty. The person "above-you" who is in total control not by means of personal achievement but by birthright.

Both reactions are quite normal for the average, run-of-the-mill liberal. Fanfare over substance. Because, after all, as is being evidenced by both democrat candidates, liberals can evince no substantive persona as they are only interested in personal power and will do whatever necessary to achieve it.

Back when the Clintons were merrily engaged in the same sort of activities directed against Republicans, you championed them to the high heavens. Now that they've placed a brother in the crosshairs its a tragedy.

Shame you're so shallow, Mr. Crouch.

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