Sunday, April 06, 2008

Then There's Bonnie To His Clyde...

Rapid rise of Hillary's fortune

"The Clintons left the White House burdened by debt but have earned $109m (£55m) in the past eight years, putting them among the 14,500 richest families in the country and presenting a stark contrast to the impoverished families championed by her campaign.

Clinton told a convention of Democrats in North Dakota when her tax forms were made public: “Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against rich people. As a matter of fact my husband, much to my surprise and his, has made a lot of money since he left the White House by doing what he loves most - talking to people.”

Pictured: Senator Hillary Clinton recoils in horror while giving a speech at a North Dakota Holiday Inn. Aides said that a negro waiter was refilling a water pitcher close to the podium, and for a moment Mrs. Clinton believed he might brush into her as he passed by.

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