Monday, April 07, 2008

Town Considers Forcing 100-Gallon-Per-Person Water Limit

A small town in Central Florida is considering forcing a 100-gallon-per-person daily limit on water for its residents.Some residents in Oakland, which is located south of Apopka, are outraged over the proposed limit on water and said the rapid growth in the area must stop until there is no longer a shortage."I don't understand why they are allowing them to still build if the water supply is not there," Oakland resident "Susan" said. "And, why should we be cut?"

I've brought this to your attention for a reason.

Florida, along with several other southern states hit hard by the recent droughts, are actually thinking of creating desalinization plants, something they KNOW will take power away from local governments because if they have one less fear to hold over peoples heads they become less powerful.

Of course desalinization should have been tried decades ago, but holding millions of people hostage was simply loads more fun. Towns continue to grow, local authorities rake in the cash from "impact fees" and pray that the newcomers are minorities so that they can then beg the Feds for more handouts.

I won't get into the technical side of de-salting ocean water, but after spending loads of time in countries with little or no fresh water from which to birth larger and larger areas of civilization, I've seen the process work and it isn't as if we're talking about technology thats still on the drawing board.

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