Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Woman calls for BB-gun ban in Ocala, Florida

David Codrea at The War on Guns featured this story a few days back, and its a bad time for many of us to flock to Ocala's council meetings as many are busier than a one-armed paperhanger dealing with the Guns Locked In Cars bill, but I for one have been keeping track of the goings on.

Meat of the matter: Woman looks out her back window and sees, for her, far too many young men entering the woods carrying bb-rifles. She's called the police, oh, lets say a scazillion times, and been told that such behavior is quite legal as long as the shooters are at least 15 years of age.

This does not comfort her in the least, as some of those rifles are scary looking monstrosities, appearing to her "like the real thing", and just think of the children. The children.

Ocala isn't referred to as Slowcala for nothing. Republicans outnumber democrats by a 60-40 ratio, the folks are generally mild and well mannered, but they DO have a problem with a certain minority crime situation that isn't going away anytime soon.

Join the club. Anyway, few in Ocala are imagining this will result in a bb-gun ban, but its getting hard for the local yokels to get any peace what with Miz Vietinghoff using her speed-dial at the drop of a hat. The inside scoop has it that police will be monitoring the situation to assure that the kids are going deep enough into the wooded areas so as not to overly offend Miz Vietinghoff's fragile sensibilities, but there isn't much of anything they CAN do with regards to them passing her window on the way in. They'll be spot-checking to see that the kids are at least 15, and that they are AWARE of the lady's bitch-factor but will not be banning anything.

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