Sunday, April 06, 2008

"British plus-size beauty pageant winner may pave way for healthier ideals"

Why sure. Lots of people experience health problems from being thin as opposed to morbidly obese. Right?

"We won't see any plus size models flaunting their curves during next week's Miss USA pageant (a rep has confirmed) but Chloe Marshall will be the first size 14 contestant to strut her stuff at the finals of the Miss England pageant.

Hopefully it's a trend we'll pick up on stateside.

Marshall, a 17-year-old beauty school student, is 5'10" and weighs 176 pounds. While Marshall clearly stands out amongst the average pin-thin pageant girls and models, she's proud of her curves.

"I love my body. People seem desperate to get me to say that I don't, that deep down I'm not happy and would rather be thin, but the fact is I wouldn't change myself at all," Marshall told the Daily Mail as she posed in the skimpy white official Miss England bikini for a photoshoot."

Yeah sure. 5'10" and 220 maybe. Miss Marshall hasn't seen 176 in quite the time. Figures it'd be a Brit contest that would do something so politically correct and outright stupid but to each their own.

Suet. Is not. Beautiful.

Neither is all bone but a Miss USA winner isn't going to be model-thin, NOR as unhealthy looking as the Brit. Lots of young women are downright skinny, it is a good thing within reason to keep off the fat for as long as possible, and this is the same mindset that will bitch about fat America or fat Britain, or fat whichever then praise corpulence when the mood suits.

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