Friday, April 04, 2008

Brother Says Florida Man Charged With Hoarding Guns Wasn't Planning Massacre, Just Collecting Guns

Police say Calin Chi Wong, inset, amassed a huge weapons cache and threatened a Virginia Tech-style massacre but his family says he was just a collector.

HOMESTEAD, Fla. — The brother of a 20-year-old Sough (sic) Florida man charged with threatening to re-enact the Virginia Tech massacre says he never intended to hurt anyone.

Vincent Wong says he brother, Calin Chi Wong, just had a stockpile of assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition at his Homestead home for investment purposes. He says Wong traded the weapons like "Pokemon" cards.

Police say Calin Chi Wong had 13 firearms in all, including two sniper rifles, more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition, some that could pierce armor, and 100 rounds in a feeding clip with bullets meant to take down aircraft or military machines.

Police say he made the threat over the Internet after he felt he was ripped off in a gun deal.

Homestead is about 30 miles south of Miami."

Unlike the police, I don't know what this young man was thinking, nor am I a stone cold liar such as they are, and cannot define an assault weapon nor anything particularly designed as a sniper weapon, or ANYTHING meant to take down aircraft or military machines...AND...this is NOT a "huge weapons cache".

5K is a modest amount of ammo for a nice little collection like the one pictured, and I'm still searching for the "100-round feeding clip".

Law enforcement lies, the Yellowstream Media aids and abets.

Business as usual in modern day America.

PS: There is NO law on the books with regards to "hoarding guns". The hits just keep on comin', and how long are we supposed to tolerate it.


Following is from Wong to one of the gun boards:

"tried to contact many leo's where the dip**** resides but still no luck.

Anyone care to give me a hand?
I'm about to blow up and go insane. Everyday and night I think of it I hope that all the bad things will occur on him ie, full blown aids, ebola, car crash by a police car, chokes on oatmeal.

I am literally going to pass out.

No one believes me.

Not the fact that it was $800.00 but it is the fact that I wasn't expected to get scam."

Also, just caught a replay of the story on a local news station where the anchor described Wong's gear as powerful enough to "stop a military tank".


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Yeah, the kid was strung out but listen, I've been called worse in the comments here and have received emails that'd singe yer eyebrows.

If every one of those people were reported, and police found guns in their homes it'd be the same mountain out of a mole hill.

Some folks develop internet muscles and get all brave online.

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