Friday, April 04, 2008

"Teen Makes Stun Gun Using Disposable Camera"

Well, no he did not. He opened the body of the camera and showed how mild the "shock" was from the battery that activates the flash. His Father demonstrated, several times, that there was not anything dangerous about this in the least.

But of course the local yokels didn't see it that way. In the video, an obese and poorly kept Sgt. is explaining how "Electricity is dangerous and we want to make sure that everybody knows this." I call attention to the appearance of the officer because he not only acts like a clown but looks like one as well.

Watch the video then try really really hard to suppress the desire to lock & load.

Thanks to The War on Guns

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Phazzer Dragon said...

Cool! That's nice. That's a very good design though because there are places which do not allow stun guns but this one is not obvious. Really nice! I hope this is available in our region.

Phazzer Dragon