Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bowling For Obo's

Scarborough and gang poke fun at Miss Priss's (Senator Obamigo) attempt at bowling:

From the March 31 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

SCARBOROUGH: You know, Willie, the thing is, Americans want their president, if it's a man, to be a real man. They -- 1984, I remember Ronald Reagan goes to South Boston. He holds up that beer mug --


SCARBOROUGH: -- in that South Boston pub, and everybody's like, "He's a real man," and I guess Barack Obama's trying to do the same thing, too.

BRZEZINSKI: Stop it. Oh, come on.

SCARBOROUGH: Awful. Good Lord.

GEIST: He's going to have to try a little harder than he did in Altoona, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night --



SCARBOROUGH: Oh, this is awful.

Well, I'm going to stick up for Obo on this one.

Sure he can't speak unless from a prompter, and looks about as athletic as a ruptured duck, but c'mon now.

The guy's such a good liar thats probably where all his talents went.

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