Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Obamigo Takes Lead In Pennsy...Operation Chaos To Be Tested

"Barack Obama has taken the lead in Pennsylvania, a remarkable turnaround after trailing Hillary Clinton by 26 points in a PPP poll in the state just two and a half weeks ago.

Obama's steep rise could be a reflection of a growing sense among Democratic voters that a continued divisive nomination process will hurt the party's chances of defeating John McCain this fall. An Obama upset in Pennsylvania would be virtually certain to force Clinton out of the race.

Obama has his customary large advantage with black voters (75-17) and is keeping it relatively competitive with white voters (49-38)

He leads across all age groups except senior citizens and balances Clinton's 10 point lead with women with his own 15 point lead with men."

Friends in PA are informing me that the spanish-speakers are drawing away from the Clintons for fear they'll be left with her against McCain, a battle they are being told she cannot win. Traditionally, the spanish fight with the blacks for entitlement monies so but of course they cannot stand one another, but a breakthrough of sorts might be going on in PA.

We might get to see just how genuine Limbaugh's Operation Chaos really is.

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