Sunday, April 13, 2008

If I Had Any Brains At All At All

I'd stop paying any attention to the racist ravings of Barry Hussein. The man pigeon-holes everyone into neat, tidy little bags of drama that he and only he can help to flower into the entitled masses that leech off of the government.

There in a nutshell is the problem with democrats in general and liberal ones in particular. We can't be Americans, united under one flag but different in ways uncountable; no, we must fit in some bigoted assholes idea of a country that looks to the government to wipe its ass at every turn.

One of the worst things about it is whenever he digs himself into a seemingly unrecoverable hole, the Yellowstream Media is there with a rescue team to salvage a candidacy that long since should have been left to the musings of history. Lunatics come and lunatics go but this one happens to be a well-manicured half-black who has enthralled those easily enthrallable and that means all of Hollywood, most of the media, and a hefty chunk of real Americana. So we're all but forced to pay attention to his stupidity because open a newspaper or click into the boob tube and there he is in vainglory personified. The embarrassing house guest who wouldn't go home.

Consider the hundreds of millions...hey, the whole ball of wax could equal a billion before all is said and done...spent upon Hillary and Obo and Johnny Rotten's race to the Presidency. Since the Obo manse gives but 1% to charity, the Clintons donate to the Clintons, and the Manchurian Candidate spends the wife's cash, just imagine these campaign funds going to a worthy cause. Something OTHER than the glorification of egotists bound and determined to ruin the greatest show on earth.

They task me. Obo most of all because there was supposed to be only ONE Clinton-like creature on the face of the earth. Then comes along a dope with an ugly, racist simpleton for a wife and its deja loon all over again.

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