Sunday, April 13, 2008


As one of the world's most awful picture takers, I took out the mugs we'd unpacked since the move and hurriedly snapped a quickie just to show that yeah, we DO drink a cup a' joe here now and again.

Yep, that's Lisa on the "Victory Starts Here" mug, from her Army bootcamp days, and the green guy next to her is the closest we have to my pic on a mug.

All told we probably have 3 dozen or so but like I said, there's a closet I've yet to delve into that has boxes from hell.

Cowboy Blob started it all then went and left a link in a comment and on his Blog so's I wuz tagged.

Tam and Roberta kicked off the whole shebang. I'm supposed to tag some others but must dwell on it.

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