Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wisconsin Debates Over Being Harsher To The Homeless

  • Too Nice to the Homeless?

    Wisconsin city rethinking policy of friendly treatment towards homeless following unsolved murder of college student.

Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, who won the Wisconsin primary by garnering 58% of the Democrat vote, issued a statement through his campaign headquarters that care should be taken when dealing with minority homeless persons, least citizens of Wisconsin react like typical white people with jobs and homes who wish to be safe on their daily journeys.

"The white people of Madison have to realize that since they voted for me over Senator Clinton, they should pay strict attention to my suggestions with regards to alienating the black homeless individual. Even though being black and jobless and homeless may very well be typical of black people, they should not be subjected to typical white people scorn. Since for all intents and purpose I am the de facto leader of Wisconsin, I will take a dim view of those I catch behaving typically."

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