Monday, September 26, 2005

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On John Roberts and the Democrats that hate him:

"Incidentally, this is a good week for liberal Newsweek ladies. Clift's colleague Anna Quindlen makes an excellent point at the expense of Judiciary Committee Democrats: "How could senators complain that they had not learned enough about the nominee when so many of them had wasted their allotted time giving pocket stump speeches?"

True, it's noteworthy and even amazing when a left wing loon says something that makes sense, hence the inclination to praise them for declaring that fire is quite warm.

On loony lefties asking questions:

"Our discussion last week on Democrats who wanted John Roberts to share his feelings prompted our friends at the Media Research Center to e-mail us about MRC's 1993 award for "Dumbest Question of the Year." It came in an exchange between NPR's Nina Totenberg and Justice Harry Blackmun on "Nightline." Totenberg was asking Blackmun about death-penalty cases:"

Totenberg: Have you ever cried over these cases?

Blackmun: Have I ever what?

Totenberg: Have you ever cried over them?

Blackmun: No.

"Now, in fairness to Totenberg, Blackmun did have a tendency toward the maudlin in his dotage. His opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), which we noted Wednesday, read like a lament for a lost love. Maybe Totenberg was trying to illustrate that Blackmun had just become too bathetic to administer justice impartially.
Still, imagine if Geraldo Rivera interviewed Justice Ruth Ginsburg and asked her if she ever cries over cases the court hears. Would this not be universally recognized as invidiously sexist, not to mention idiotic?"

Most if not ALL of everything Geraldo says IS idiotic, so I really miss your point, James. Next time, chose another, more well-respected newsperson to compare the loony left to. Wait. There are none. Okay.

On violent crime:

"Reports of violent crime in the United States in 2004 stayed at the lowest level since the government began compiling statistics 32 years ago," Reuters reports:

The nonprofit Justice Policy Institute said the statistics underscored the need to shift the emphasis away from "overzealous spending on incarceration" to "what states and localities are doing to reduce incarceration, reduce crime and build communities."

But the Associated Press has a different take: "Many explanations have been advanced for decline in violent crime, including the record prison population of more than 2 million people."
Huh? More people are in prison even though the crime rate is going down? Someone, make sense of this paradox before it causes our brain to explode!

Sure. And trust me, James, THAT head explodes and it's taking out more civilians than Katrina. VIOLENT crime stats ARE dropping. Misdemeanor and nonviolent crimes ARE rising. Prisons, you see, incarcerate OTHER than rapists, robbers, and murderers. No charge, and call on us again if something has you stumped.

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