Friday, September 23, 2005

No You Simple Twitch, SHE Failed HERSELF

Psychologist: I Failed Abu Ghraib Soldier

Thomas Denne, who had worked with England since early childhood, testified that he and other educators focused too much on getting the mild-mannered girl through school and not enough on providing her with real-life skills.
"Maybe I thought, 'I didn't shoot high enough for Lynndie England,'" said Denne, who works for the Mineral County school system. "Maybe I thought, 'We should have taught her how to think.'"

Oh cry me a frickin river already. Should have taught her how to think what? An undereducated lowlife, from, of all places, West friggin Virginia, gets caught cavorting in a no-cavorting-zone and you failed her? Man, but this dude needs to get out more.

AP Photo: U.S. Army Pfc. Lynndie R. England walks out of the courthouse following a day of...

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