Monday, September 26, 2005

Nagin' Wants The Dry Ones Back - How Long Before Sharpton Calls It Racist

"What? Because black people retain water more than most THEY can't go home...?

New Orleans Mayor Reopens Drier Parts of City
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Residents of one New Orleans neighborhood were invited to come home today and "help us rebuild the city."

Bowing to the increasing pressure from the hotel/tourism industry's, Nagin' is beside himself trying to get New Orleans residents back, and it is indeed a good thing that he only wants them to return to the drier parts of the city, as the NY Times headline so proudly proclaims with it's - "see, he's just concerned, well, we really aren't sure..."

Logging into the Times online is funnier than ever before, now that it's a pay-for-play website regarding the editorials, and I have this recurring vision of a seedy looking character standing ourside of a subway station in NYC and flashing open a voluminous raincoat as he tries to sell - "psst...Maureen Dowd columns?"

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