Saturday, September 24, 2005

Wanna Know Just How Disgusting The Ground-Zero International Freedom Center Is?

It Made Hillary Barf

BUT...Chuckie the Shoe Still Thinks It's Swell

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

September 24, 2005 -- "With Hillary Clinton's unequivocal rejection of the ill-conceived International Freedom Center at Ground Zero, you've got to wonder: Is there anyone left who still doubts that the center would be an abomination at that site?

"I am troubled by the serious concerns that family members and first responders have expressed to me," Sen. Clinton told The Post exclusively yesterday. "The [Lower Manhattan Development Corp.] has authority over the site, and I do not believe we can move forward until it heeds and addresses their concerns. Therefore, I cannot support the IFC."
Actually there is someone who's still on the fence about the IFC: Clinton's fellow senator from New York, Chuck Schumer.

"There's got to be a way to meet the families' sincere and real needs, and build a center that honors the freedom that the victims died for," Schumer said.
"We hope that the LMDC will find some common ground quickly."

Of course, that's impossible."

This from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's website about the International Freedom Center...Lower Manhattan Development Corporation

"In the tradition of institutions like the United States Holocaust Museum and the National Constitution Center, the Freedom Center will be an educational resource for the city, the country and the world. The Freedom Center is a new organization created expressly for the World Trade Center Site that will include exhibitions centered on humankind's enduring quest for freedom. Over the past two years, the Freedom Center has reached out to an extraordinary roster of scholars, educators, museum directors, and cultural leaders who provided their input and expertise. Exhibitions, lectures, films and other programs will be developed in partnership with leading arts, cultural, media and academic institutions such as the Aspen Institute, NYU, WNYC Radio, and New Visions for Public Schools. The facility will include exhibit space, a multi-purpose presentation space, and classrooms."

We don't want a museum. We don't want to see the Berlin Wall topple. We don't want to see Gandhi making the long salt march. We don't want to hear about poverty. Rosa Parks was a beautiful lady but she wasn't in either of those towers, and the infamous virgin-lover wasn't looking for his source of iodine anywhere near the Twin Towers. We above all don't want weepy liberals feeding us ANY of their pabulum about mankinds quest for freedom, because they haven't clue-one what freedom is, and it is not ger-fucking mane to the memory of 3000 people who were killed simply because they didn't worship the same deity as their killers did.

If it makes Hillary sick...nuff said.

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