Friday, September 30, 2005

What Bill Bennett Said WAS Wrong...

When one mentions blacks and crime in the same sentence one is SUPPOSED to weep.

The PC-Police are hot on the trail of Mr. Bennett for daring to DEBUNK the morally reprehensible premise that doing away with blacks means lowering the crime rate. Here's what Andy McCarthy of NRO has to say, but before you take on his somewhat longwinded desciption of the events, remember that the people who are screaming to the high heavens about all this are socialists, pure and simple, and the ONLY governments EVER to sanction exterminations of certain ethnic peoples have been...yep. Ya think what's left of their duty, honor, and patriotism, some tiny little infinitesimal remnant of common sense maybe, is itching away at them that something is wrong but they're not sure what?

"...That he was right in this seems to matter little. Bennett is being fried by the PC police and the ethnic-grievance industry, which have disingenuously ripped his minor point out of its context in a shameful effort to paint him as a racist. He’s about as bigoted as Santa Claus.

Here’s what happened. In the course of his Morning in America radio show on Wednesday, Bennett engaged a caller who sought to view the complexities of Social Security solvency through the narrow lens of abortion, an explosive but only tangentially relevant issue. Specifically, the caller contended that if there had not been so many abortions since 1973, there would be millions more living people paying into the Social Security System, and perhaps the system would be solvent.

Bennett, typically well-informed, responded with skepticism over this method of argument by making reference to a book he had read, which had made an analogous claim: namely, that it was the high abortion rate which was responsible for the overall decline in crime. The former Education secretary took pains to say that he disagreed with this theory, and then developed an argument for why we should resist “extensive extrapolations” from minor premises (like the number of abortions) in forming major conclusions about complex policy questions.

It was in this context that Bennett remarked: “I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could — if that were your sole purpose — you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.” Was he suggesting such a thing? Was he saying that such a thing should even be considered in the real world? Of course not. His whole point was that such considerations are patently absurd, and thus he was quick to add: “That would be an impossible, ridiculous and morally reprehensible thing to do.”

Bennett’s position, clearly and irrefutably, is that you cannot have tunnel vision, especially on something as emotionally charged as abortion, in addressing multifaceted problems. It is almost always the case that problems, evenserious ones, could be minimized or eliminated if you were willing to entertain severe solutions. Such solutions, though, are morally and ethically unacceptable, whatever the validity of their logic. The lesson to be drawn is not that we can hypothetically conceive of the severe solutions but that we resolutely reject them because of our moral core."

This IS how low we've sunk. Prominant blacks can say pretty much anything and not be judged to be racist, but intelligent...and you simply do not get more intelligent than Mr. Bennett...intelligent discourse on sensitive subject matter is considered racist as long as the words, black and/or minority are included in the same thought process as "crime".

Senator Caligula, strike that, Ted Kennedy; drunk, debaucher and killer of young women called Bill Bennett "Racist". Senator Nancy Pelosi was "Shocked". Indeed shocked that anyone would admit that such views exist and dare to take them on and debunk them. Better the welfare state, right Nance? That way you keep the black kids poor and fatherless and easy prey to both man-made as well as natural disasters.

There do be putz's.

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