Friday, September 23, 2005

Podhoretz...RINO In Training...

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

by John Podhoretz

"Schumer argued yesterday "being brilliant and accomplished" didn't make Roberts qualified. Why? Because "there are many who would use their considerable talents and legal acumen to set America back. So, while legal brilliance is to be considered, it is never dispositive . . . . Roberts is clearly brilliant and his demeanor suggests he well might not be an ideologue. But he did not make the case strongly enough to bet the whole house."

This is what a bad argument looks like — pressing an ideological assault against someone by claiming that person could be an "ideologue." The refusal of Schumer and four other Democrats to vote for Roberts indicates that no Bush nominee will ever be acceptable to them."

Painfully obvious. Is there a single person paying even cursory attention to politics that doesn't know Chuckie Schumer has embraced the Clinton manifesto of campaign-always...beat the Republicans down on EVERY topic, and push, push, then push again at all of their values? Well yes, as a matter of fact, there is. Bill O'Reilly, who gave Schumer a bully pulpit to turn on that moronic, aw-schucks grin as he tried to profess his openness, his kindness, and his above all search for fairness. It fooled O'Reilly...believe me, he's not a good enough actor to sit through chuckie's schtik and feign agreement, and he truly wants to because Schumer puts on a good show and good shows mean good ratings, and who on the left could quibble with Fox trying to present the big picture by having O'Reilly constantly refer to the Senator, as a "fair guy"? Did ya' bother to count the times O'Reilly flat out kissed Schumie's butt?

"Schumer sought to answer that charge yesterday by claiming that he would accept 'someone who answers questions fully and who makes his or her record fully available'"

Schumer didn't seek to answer anything. He jumped at the chance of being on the highest rated cable "news" offering, just as he jumped at the chance to speak out against Roberts at the hearings. Schumer preached to HIS choir, case closed. He's the smarmiest of politicos, the sort that curses you with a grin, and the only people who were allowed to watch the Schumie-Show were those with the capability to tune in C-Span 3. Fox, CNN, and MSNBC didn't believe the latest round of "hearings" important enough to air, and that speaks louder than ANY protestation to the contrary. If 24 hour news doesn't show it, it can't be good theater and that's EXACTLY how the American people have taken it to mean. Leave it to the pros, the one's with insider information, and if someone is evil enough for an entire political party to rally against, well they MUST be unworthy. Right, Mr. Bork?

"As long as Bush can count on the votes of 50 Republican senators, he is in the clear — because any effort to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee would be greeted angrily by the American people, who won't understand why a candidate should be denied an up-or-down vote."

And what American people would this be? The pundits over at NRO? Conservative bloggers? The same American people so bored to tears with all of this nomination stuff that even C-Span cuts away from the hearings to check out what the latest Democrat is saying about the selection of beverages in the Senate cafeteria?

Preposterous. The Democrats KNOW that the American people don't care much as a whole for the smarmy goings on in Washington, and that's precisely HOW the liberals have pushed through one swindle after another. Did the American people rise to defend Robert Bork when he was being vilified? Of course not. The special interest groups took over, as they did with Roberts, and that's all most of the news media reported upon, so the average jane and joe sat back and thought their own feelings inadequate when compared to the folks who "keep an eye on these things."

Most people are happy to await word from the "experts" as to the qualifications of one judge or another, the media happily spins whichever Joannie Ginsberg the left escorts to the fabled altar, and frowns upon virtually anyone the right brings to the dance, so confusion sets in, soon to be replaced by boredom.

What the President DOESN'T have going for him are the rabid followers of all things pink, the squeakiest of wheels that constantly drawn attention to themselves, the me, me, me generations, desperate to hold onto their hard-won gains of abortion on demand, government intervention in EVERY damned bloody thing imaginable, but still most of all, the attention that ALL exhibitionists so desperately crave. It isn't about politics, it isn't about right or wrong, it isn't about "rights" or freedom. It's about ego. It's about "empowering" people who've been convinced they've gotten the short end of the stick for so long that they MUST fight against the majority with every weapon at their disposal.

And if you don't "get" that, you don't know who the enemy is and what motivates them. Why else do you think politics attracts the attention of actors? They get an adoring audience as they gallantly fight for the downtrodden. Ego. Ego attracts attention, and, as any agent will happily tell you, ANY publicity is GOOD publicity.

No, Chuck Schumer wasn't trying to fool YOU, John. He wasn't even trying to fool the public...all 3 of them paying attention. He was bowing to his constituency, and guess what? That's what he's supposed to do. I mean, why do YOU think The X-files lasted so long, why did folks put up with ridiculous scripts, indifferent acting, and bad directing? They BELIEVE. Government is bad. Government hides things. We NEED Chuck Schumer to save us. Why us? Because we're special...WE get it.

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