Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Orleans Police Chief Eddie Compass Retires

"I will aks ya to respeck my privacy.."

So says the latest New Orleans cop to leave the sinking ship.

"He leavin' on top, just like Jim Brown did in football. Gonna go now and make lotsa money doin' somethin' else." Says Mayor Nagin', most likely referring to the hoard of loot the Chief will have to divvy up to the other officials who have been naggin' him to get their share.

UPDATE: Fox's chief horror-monger and hurri-ghoul reporter extraordinaire, Sheppy Smith cut into the press conference to provide a mold growth report on the abandoned homes in New Orleans. "Mold...damp, and moldy, covered in mold. People cannot live with mold. There's just too much, FAR too much mold. People have died and in their place...mold"

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