Tuesday, September 27, 2005

International Freedom Center...Done Deal

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion

September 27, 2005 -- Hillary Clinton. Three New York congressmen. Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro. Former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, who may challenge Clinton. Ed Cox, another likely Clinton rival.
The firefighters' union. The police union. Fifteen independent organizations representing 9/11 families.

Some 47,000 petition-signers.

And now — America's mayor: Rudy Giuliani.
"They should change the whole concept and scrap [the] plans and focus it on 9/11," Giuliani said Sunday. "I think it's a mistake . . . "

Giuliani was referring to the International Freedom Center's intention to host debates and "educational" programs that invite criticism of the nation and its historical record.
Which may be a worthy goal — but is highly inappropriate at the site where America suffered it worst domestic attack (for reasons that have nothing to do with its historical record).

Rudy wants the lefties to go somewheres else to cry, and it must have simply killed him to be on the same side as RodHam, so this does bring us to the point of asking what part of NO these rejects from humanity have difficulties understanding. As time drags along it should be evident even to the postulators of the painfully obvious - you know, the kiddie-koluminst-korps on NRO, for example - that the days of asking them have long since gone and it's time to TELL them ENOUGH.

Pataki doesn't seem capable of stepping up, and that speaks volumes about how much he desperately needed Rudy to be his backbone, and none of the legitimate contenders for the Governorship want to incite the loons for fear of a Cindy The Seasick SheSerpent-like attack on all things viewed to be only moderately liberal. Most of the people directly responsible for this abomination are trying so very hard to remain middle-of-the-roaders that you can rest assured nothing of consequence will be done to deep-six this eyesore, and that the Freedom Center is a done deal.

Why? Grassroots gang, grassroots. 47,000 petitioners in a city of over 8 million?

Even the slowest of us must get the feeling that a big chunk of the NYC loons remain behind this dreadful idea and they've enough clout to see it through. Normal folks tire, lefties never sleep. Like rust. Like cancer.