Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Orleans...Gimme Gimmee Gimme

Meanwhile, The New Orleans Saints are reacting much as their hometown fans. No, they didn't loot or run away or scream for billions of dollars to reconstruct their waterfront homes: They had to play, sob, on the, sob, road, sniff. Listen, you frickin steroid abusing heart attack waiting to happen misanthrope, go play your little sport and STFU. Eh?

Horn Says NFL Made 'Mockery' of Saints

So um, their hometown was built in a bowl surrounded by water that got flooded. Their piece of crap stadium couldn't even get the toilets to work so the flood survivors could gather there in safety, and they have the bronze balls to bitch? Because they wanna play football? Stop me before I pull a Kim du toit, will ya...

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