Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sean Penn Sighting?

MP Saturday September 24 2005

Torn between racing to Washington to participate in the antiwar rally featuring Cindy Sheehan... sponsored by Michael Moore, Ben & Jerry's, and several other Democratic party organizations...and traveling to the New Orleans/Galveston area to assist in aiding survivors of Hurricane Rita, celebrities the world over found themselves crisscrossing the entire upper east coast as well as the southeastern seaboard in their frenzy to provide support.

One celebrity of note however, was missing from all camps until a CNN reporter sighted what was thought to be Sean Penn in a desperate race to free animals trapped in Galveston's City Zoo.

"Anybody would have made the same mistake," An anonymous Associated Press stringer told Messenger, "water was everywhere and then this sleek looking creature with big eyes was swimming through the water and we all thought that is was Sean. I mean, maybe his boat had tipped over again or maybe he just dived in after the drowning ocelots, we all know that it's something Sean would do."

With that in mind, cable news organizations began a feverish attempt to upload and enhance pictures of the intrepid actor, and to a person were stunned to see the finished photograph.

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