Friday, September 30, 2005

Carnival Cruise Line Berths For Refugees Could Cost $200 Million

Of course it won't, so don't go believing Baracks and the dumb blonde congressbroad he convinced to drop this dime along with him. The original intent was to pay approximately $184 a day for room and board and quickly get up to 20,000 New Orlinians out of harms way. Didn't work because the, ahem, residents, are balking at going aboard the luxury liners, and FEMA is going to redo the contract so it won't be any big deal.

In the space of two short weeks it's gone from, "What kind of an animal thinks about the COST of saving HUMAN lives? What monster stops to count the dollar signs when black people are drowning? What's that...75% of the hardest hit areas were white? What kind of EVIL VILLAIN stops to count the pennies when poor black AND white people are being raped, mugged, and possibly sold into indentured servitude in Yemen?"

To this: "It cost HOW MUCH?"

FEMA responded outside of the box, it didn't work so they're villified, but why DIDN'T the refugees wish to board?

You tell ME, how the hell can you get a big screen TV off a boat? Jump overboard and tow the bloody thing behind you?

And that's precisely what a New Orleans resident expressed to Messenger in an exclusive interview:

"Fix'd jack THIS po'ho wita a-sizes tub?" Offerred the woman who asked not to be identified.
"Diveah moe juices from out dat sea? Slinki' fats on moe fie? Nex tahm catch dis chickla ona looksee. Ri, 'cher?"

Can't argue with that.

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