Thursday, September 29, 2005

Roberts Confirmed...


Now get ready for the real fight. Look for Ms Brown to squeek through at something like 60-40. Really? You really think 'W' has ANY gas left in his tank? No, to be honest I don't but hope springs eternal.

By the way, I figured Roberts for a shoo-in at 88-12 and how dumb was that? Figured the Dumbs, strike that, the DEMS would save their bile for the real conservative, and while some obviously did, the usual traitorous dregs of humanity couldn't help themselves and I should have known better.

The Dems Who Say Nee

Evan Bayh of Indiana
Joseph Biden of Delaware
Barbara Boxer of California
Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
Jon Corzine of New Jersey
Mark Dayton of Minnesota
Dick Durbin of Illinois
Dianne Feinstein of California
Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts
John Kerry of Massachusetts
Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey
Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
Barack Obama of Illinois
Harry Reid of Nevada
Charles Schumer of New York
Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
Jack Reed of Rhode Island
Tom Harkin of Iowa
Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Paul Sarbanes of Maryland
Maria Cantwell of Washington
Daniel Akaka of Hawaii

Nearly half of the Democrat contingent voted against a brilliant legal mind because he didn't answer Senator Feinstein's question about shoes? Sure. Just LOOK at those names. A who's-who of lunacy, irresponsiblity, and hatred for America.

PS to clueless O'Reilly: Your much beloved Senator Chuckie the Shoe voted no, Bill, so you can stop having the dirtbag on and praising him for his 'fairness'. Rodham (yes, that's the name on her tax returns as well as NY Drivers License) doesn't have the guts to come on The Factor because old Hill can't even debate the stumbling likes of you, and those lights would make her look as old as she really is, but can you please pick some other Dimwitted Dem to be in love with? Plenty of them out there, Bill.

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