Saturday, September 24, 2005

Jonah Goldberg Thinks He Knows From Compassion...

Jonah Goldberg on "Compassionate Conservatism" on National Review Online

"Outside of people inside the administration, I've never met anyone who really likes the president's "compassionate conservatism."

Welfare-state liberals insisted they "cared" more because they favored higher spending on schools. The compassionate conservatives responded with "care all you like, but the schools stink." The best summation of the entire enterprise was Bush's mantra about "the soft bigotry of low expectations."
So, if I agree with all that, what's the problem? First, as a political slogan, compassionate conservatism was always a low blow. Almost by definition, people who claim to be compassionate conservatives are suggesting that other kinds of conservatives aren't. Conservatism, rightly understood, never needed the adjective."

Oh for the love of pete, Jonah, stop whinging, it's unbecoming. Uncompassionate, or old school conservatism didn't flaunt doing the right thing when it came to compassion, it wasn't worn on the sleeve and NO, there wasn't any level of compassion for someone kicking your liver out with followed by a hearty thank you sire may I have some more. Todays understanding of the word is light-years different than it once was, and you damn well BETTER use the adjective because it separates the bullswaddle from the real deal.

All compassion really is nowadays is a smooth talking used car salesman patting you on the back after raping your wallet...the true meaning is lost and we're left with the phony, somber faced weepers like John Kerry, who OF FRICKIN COURSE are going to say that since conservatives dislike BIG GOVERNMENT they must also dislike FEMA, and the FBI, then stretch it to encompass the cops and the firemen and even the postal workers for all we know.

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE. What's a Kerry-like stooge going to say, or do or offer? Winning for them is simply keeping the rubes confused long enough to get in and stay in office, and all of these nonsensical Neocon, OldCon, King fucking Con, are smoke screens to frighten the women and scare the livestock. These kids drive me crazy, yes they do, with their WE ARE compassionate TOO, so there! attitude. Sorry, Jonah, but I'm just not all that TRULY compassionate when it comes to maddogs and liberals, and that's the big difference between knowing your enemy and kicking his teeth in rather than stopping for a moment to consider the situation and examine one's level of compassion.

Anyway, read Jonah's full deal and see if YOU can make more sense of it than I.

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