Saturday, September 24, 2005

Misha Is Livid Over Mr. Peanut...

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Would the Last One Leaving Punch Out His Lights, Please?

"The Imperial Torturer hates us. He really, really hates us. How else would you explain his insistence on sending stuff like this to us every time we think that we’ve got our blood pressure under control?

Five years after the controversial 2000 presidential election, ex-President Jimmy Carter now says he’s certain Al Gore defeated George W. Bush.

Five years is about the amount of time we’d expect it would take for a Moonbat slogan to travel from his cochlear nerves to the sad, rotting mush between his ears. Once again, we’re right. But it’s certainly good to know that he has had such weighty issues of world-shattering importance on his “mind” (for lack of a better word) for all of this time. We just feel kinda sorry for the staff at the nursing home who’ve had to change his diapers for all of those years because he couldn’t spare the neurons required to remind him of potty time."

Calm down a tad, old son, and remember who it is that's getting your corpuscles a ragin'. He lucked out bigtime when all he had to go up against was a broken down Ford, but the people soon caught on to the fact that even as a younger man the dude had peanut butter for brains. Jimmy Carter will not go quiet into that dark night because he has no shame, no honor, no respect for the Presidency, and no respect for America. A lucky lefty who instead of thanking his fortunate fucking stars each and every day for having been President, he still fer chrissake thinks Ronnie stole the election from him, and will go to his grave a bitter shell of a man.

Infantile minds never let it go, never let the dust settle, they always want more, a do-over, ANYTHING that sates their egomaniacal sense of self. Sounds like a two-year-old because that's what they most closely resemble, and senile old Jimmah will rave until they shovel him under. Good. Makes us look all the better for having such a dickweed as an enemy.

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