Friday, September 23, 2005

Texas Police Not Disarming Citizens

As if such a thing would be possible in Texas, still and all it's a good sign that the 2nd Amendment is alive and well somewhere in the country.

Was watching Judge Napolitano getting laughed at on Fox as he described the Texas gun laws, which allow for a legally armed citizen to defend his home and property with the use of deadly force. And this folks is part of the overall problem.

You don't see the Malkins, the LGF's...well, it's non-moslem related so I wouldn't expect Charles to get involved...or the Powerlines or Captain's Quarters identifying Fox as being a 2nd Amendment UNFRIENDLY media outlet, but it is. None of the talking heads there know a bloody thing about American gun laws or their relationship to the Constitution, and the running joke was Texas could be in for some "wild west times" as armed home and business owners defended their property against roving gangs of looters.

But wanna know something? You WON'T see anything near the thousands of looters who roamed New Orleans, because Texans...with the complete blessing of law enforcement...not only protect but are REQUIRED to police their neighborhoods in the advent of a war or natural disaster. MOST states have gun-friendly laws regarding the use of deadly force in protecting oneself or family or domicile, and Fox was even unaware of that simple fact.

We can criticize the liberal talking heads all day long, hurl invective after invective at the Times, and the Washington Post, but the Murdoch gang has certain "conservative" bloggers in their hip pocket, and they wouldn't DARE say anything bad about Fox.

So here goes; O'Reilly is a joke and couldn't debate a 3rd grader on the proper corner to set up a lemonade stand, and Fox itself is nothing more than a media-RINO-wannabe that not only doesn't defend the 2nd Amendment, but makes jokes at its expense. Sure, it brings on the occasional concervative blogger like Malkin...who wouldn't criticize Fox for all the tea in China..., but the rest of the talking heads, aside from Brit Hume who is genuinely concervative but wouldn't stoop so low as to talk about yucky guns, are middle of the roaders at best.

The NRA is working closely with other 2nd Amendment friendly organizations to try and get the New Orleans police to return the illegally confiscated guns, Fox News wonders why the same thing wasn't done in Texas, and laughs at the thought of citizens protecting themselves.

Next time they call you for a comment, why not ask them about that, eh, Michelle?

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