Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Crank Up The Twilight Zone Music And Cue The Yorkshire Puddin' Heads...

BBC NEWS England West Yorkshire Cooing at new-born babies banned

A West Yorkshire hospital has banned visitors from cooing at new-born babies over fears their human rights are being breached and to reduce infection.

A statement from Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax said staff had held an advice session to highlight the need for respect and dignity for patients.

On one ward there is a doll featuring the message: "What makes you think I want to be looked at?"
But Labour MP Linda Riordan said the measures were "bureaucracy gone mad".

She told the Halifax Courier: "All mothers want people to admire their babies because all babies are beautiful.

"But in a case where a mother did not want to answer questions it should be up to that individual to say so."
Some new mothers have already said they are astonished by the rules which stop people asking questions about their babies or looking at them in maternity wards.

Debbie Lawson, neo-natal manager at the hospital's special care baby unit, said: "Cooing should be a thing of the past because these are little people with the same rights as you or me.

Wowsers and hot petuna. Folks can vote and drive and join the service and drink alcohol at a MUCH younger age in England, don't you think? Rights for the newborn. Well, they HAVE a right to be born, despite the best efforts of the suck 'em and dump 'em lefty crowd who feel it's their RIGHT to kill anything that ruins such a lovely figure.

But rights against cooing? Have the Brit mentalists gotten into the act and read the wee ones minds to discover this? Has this female-thing, this Debbie Lawson, has SHE had a chat with the babies and they expressed such to HER?

And what'll happen if you DO coo? Will armed men in plainclothes wrestle you to the ground and repeatedly shoot you in the head? Beg pardon, say again? Only if you're Brazlian? Okay. Whew. For a moment there I thought they were gonna arm the babies.

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