Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In The Name Of All That's Holy...Think of The CHILDREN...

Moonbats For Cindy Bare All

This isn't pretty. Matter of fact, it's downright disgusting but KNOW THINE ENEMY.

Here's some of what showed up to support Cindy the Seasick SheSerpent.

And PS to all of the weepy whack jobs braggin on how very many more lunatics showed up as oppossed to the pro-Bush ralliers,etc. Now I'll type slowwwwww..

NO-BODY PAID FOR THEM to arrive in buses. Cindy the Seasick SheSerpent is paid a handsome...only thing about the woman that IS handsome...salary to tramp from town to town spreading the gospel of nanyism to the frightened little loony birds. Her "followers" are provided transportation and living quarters and meal money. Fuck, they don't work so what else do they have to do?

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