Monday, September 26, 2005

The Few, The Proud, The Loony-Left...

Was surfing over at lgf: Let's A/B the Media and Charles was featuring this gem that's being picked up by the news services:

Popular view and FULL view....

As I noted in a comment over at LGF, yet another spontaneous pic brought to by the yellowstream media.


Anonymous said...

Great showing at the pro-war rally last Sunday. They only fell 19,600 short of their stated goal of 20,000. Really impressive.
Why do reminders of Abu Ghraib upset Republicans?
The abuses there have done enormous damage to our image around the world. Blame Bush!

Fits said...

hahahahahahahahaha, a loon, my very OWN loon.

Don't know when the last time was when you were abroad, loonybird, but it's only your fellow lunatics in Europe who weep, whine, whinge, caterwaul, then call for mommy because of the HORRIBLE "abuse" at a maximum security prison. A few soldiers went understand whacko...and disgraced themselves and their uniforms. Happened before, will happen again, human nature being what it is.

Get out, get a life, and eventually this will lead to growing up. The European "hates" America far less than you do, and bottom line is who gives a flying fuck WHAT the nations who exist only because we support them care?

And move the frig somewhere else if living with men gives ya the willies.

As always, thanks for the comment.