Friday, September 30, 2005

Moslem extremists? who loves ya baby...the NY Times does...

Two stalwart moselm fella's got themselves into some really hot water by engaging in certain criminal activities that could very well have been a prelude to terrorist acts. Ehab Elmaghraby and Javaid Iqbal, say that the government discriminated against them after 9/11 because they are moslem, and guess who comes a'runnin' to the rescue?

Top Officials Told to Testify in Muslims' Suit - New York Times

"The men, who eventually pleaded guilty to minor criminal charges unrelated to terrorism and were deported, charged that they were repeatedly slammed into walls and dragged across the floor while shackled and manacled."

The "minor" charges they plead guilty to? Counterfeiting and Fraud. Minor crimes to the Paper Of Wreckers, just like plagiarism and publishing phony stories are minor infractions of the journalism code of ethics. Haven't they lost ENOUGH money to have come to the conclusion that fewer and fewer people are buying into this nonsense?

That every moslem ALIVE has a handbook prescribing precisely what to do should the authorities capture them in the act of committing a criminal act doesn't seem to matter much to the TIMES, but it DOES to people of good will who KNOW that these people are dangerous and have oft times funnelled monies into various terrorist organizations.

And know what, Ali? If you're told to move and fall to the fall shouting for little-lulu or alla-lulu or whatever fricking lulu there is, bet your pedophile, rapist, cult-killing ass you're being dragged.

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