Friday, September 23, 2005

The Constitution As Seen Through The Eyes Of...

...Lady, strike that, she ain't no lady, LORD Vader Ginsberg...real name Joan Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Ginsburg: 'Any Woman Will Not Do' for Job - New York Times

NEW YORK (AP) -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg told an audience Wednesday that she doesn't like the idea of being the only female justice on the Supreme Court. But in choosing to fill one of the two open positions on the court, ''any woman will not do,'' she said.
There are ''some women who might be appointed who would not advance human rights or women's rights,'' Ginsburg told those gathered at the New York City Bar Association.

Begging your pardon, Joannie, or if you prefer, Lord Bader, but what in the name of all that's holy does a Supreme Court Justice have to do with advancing human rights and women's rights? I cannot seem to find that anywhere in the OATH you took to defend the Constitution, but then again, you know very well that as payback for Slick Willy giving you a job several stories above your intellectual ceiling, you've got to alter what the founding fathers intended the Court to be, by changing it into every Democrats dream of legislating liberal swill that wouldn't stand a chance of passing a Congressional or people's referendum.

Spew this nonsense while you can, madam, but rest assured that the current President has most likely two MORE seats to fill, and it would be three were you to surrender to natures call of admitting the Alzheimer's has overwhelmed you and finding that comfy rocker to while away those lovely evenings upon, and with these two or three openings will set the Supreme Court of the United States back on track to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution.

You had your chance, all of you. Gave it your best shot but in SPITE of the worst you could do, the union endures, and will grow again once you and your traitorous allies have retired to the funny farm for over the hill lefty loons. It's in a secluded little vale in California and I'll email you the address.

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