Saturday, September 24, 2005

Less Than Feared...

Have been reading and listening...more than I SHOULD have but enough to keep abreast of the situation... to the "Less Than Feared" mantra coming from the media. Oil rigs sustained damage LTF, the toil in human suffering is LTF, overal destruction of personal property was LTF.

Bullshit. Less than HOPED. We put up with another week of the sky is falling and all is relatively well, certainly as good as could be expected, and here's a rousing Messenger chant of SHAME THE FUCK ON YOU to the ghouls at Fox, CNN, and MSNBC.

Good lord but I can't wait for the hurricane season to end. Every year it gets worse with the ambulance chasers masquerading as media traipsing from disaster to disaster in hopes of finding human suffering of ANY kind.

The only recourse was to bet on which 98 lb. hurri-ghoul would blow away first; Anderson Cooper of the Clinton News Network or Shepard Smith of Fox, and it was pretty much a tie. Shep still takes the cake for doom and gloom, but give Coop a few years more experience and he'll be counting the bodies before they've died with the best of 'em.

Sweet lord but I never thought I'd be praying for winter's arrival but much more of these fuckprickles and I'll lose it.

And not for nothing, and so sorry to the MSM for eliminating one of the fun tales they love to sell us, but you WON'T be seeing or hearing about LOOTING in Texas. As we've reported upon before, us and one or two blogs sensible enough to tell the truth, armed citizens are the best defense against such lawlessness and if the sight of New Orleans cops looting when they weren't running away didn't prove that, then nothing else will. And another spit in the eye of the Fox morons for making Texans, Texas law, and the Constitution the butt of the running joke about "The Wild West All Over Again...haha..."

Men protect. The law avenges. The Media Lies.

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