Sunday, September 25, 2005

No Killers In Arlington... - Politics - Senate Considers Ban on 'Lifers' from National Cemeteries

WASHINGTON — The elderly couple, Daniel and Wilda Davis, opened their door to Russell Wayne Wagner on Valentine's Day 1994.

"He took Mom and Dad and sat them on a kitchen chair, tied their hands behind their heads and put a pillowcase over their heads, stabbed them 14-15 times and then he robbed them and then he left," their son, Vernon Davis, tearfully told the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Thursday.
Wagner was convicted of the couple's murders and sentenced to two life terms with parole eligibility. When he died in prison, he was cremated and placed in the nation's premiere veterans' cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery.

Big hubbub going on about excluding honorably discharged Veterans who've gone on to commit serious crimes, and it's that old slippery slope, but I can see how certain Vets might not want to spend "eternity" alongside a serial killer.

Dead brothers in arms are dead brothers in arms, honored for a service that can't be erased because they went on to become horrible men. I'll be there eventually, and they can rest them alongside me.

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