Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Michelle Malkin On O'Reilly...

...I ciechi che conducono i ciechi.*

Her cuteness was on His Cluelessness, and it's difficult to tell who was more in over their head. O'Reilly's been doing the TV gig for years so we don't expect Michelle to be as relaxed or as glib...she CAN be eloquent but that's not what works on TV and a whole 'nother story... but this talking-mannequin schtick of hers is getting old. Last night the buzz was about Air America, that penniless venture where liberal talk radio goes to die, and Michelle and a lot of conservative blogsters have been cackling with glee over Al Franken going down for the count.

Yes, he's an immature, talentless punk who can't seem to find much work nowadays, but I always felt that the other immature tallentless punks needed someone to listen to, and feel a tad queasy when both sides of a tale aren't given equal representation.

Okay, okay, I'll stop the bullswaddle. AS ALWAYS, the best thing that can EVER happen to the Republican party in particular and conservatives in general is for the moonbats to be heard so people may see what stark raving loons they truly are. I WANT Al Franken out there making a fool of himself, I WANT Cindy The Seasick SheSerpent out there making a fool out of HERSELF, because it's the best recommendation on the planet to turn to the conservative way of thinking. Exhibitionists have always done silly things to draw attention to themselves, and the modern leftwing'er is, deep down inside, a repressed streaker who wants to run naked through the crowds flaunting his limitations.

So then; if a man can show the world his tiny dick and not care, ya think these loons give a rats pitute that folks look at them in embarassment FOR them? Any publicity is good publicity, but on to Michelle and her, hmmm, her investigative blog partner Brian Maloney. Investigative blog...what? The dude who does the legwork?

Anyway, Michelle says that Air America's business model is a bad one, but true or not, "talent" is always difficult to deal with and AA hired well known actors and comedians who weren't going to work for scale, nor act like saving a few pennies was any of their business. Mr. Maloney agrees that AA is on it's last legs if one of the lefty fat cats doesn't begin tossing in some big bucks, and here's hoping they do.

They're funny. They are America's new pratfallers, the modern - hey, watch me get a pie in my face and how's about a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down my pants...

*the blind leading the blind. Sounds much better in Italian.

PS: how do I get to have an investigative blog partner...

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