Friday, September 30, 2005

Child Abuse?

Now, I'm usually the last person on god's green earth to stick up for a moslem, but Charles over at Little Green Footballs feels that this picture is evocative of child abuse. Palestinian man holding his son on his shoulders and the boy is touching a rifle. Would anyone care to wager that there are many states and cities and backwaters in this country with households featuring similar pictures on the mantle? Charles is from California where guns are bad things, true, but this particular pic does not show a child being harmed.

How's about the mother & child pic? Think Charles would stroke out or what?

Lots of folks like taking photographs of their children with firearms. I don't, but I don't rule the world and as long as the child isn't being harmed, I've not a damned thing to say about it. BUT, and not the LGF NEEDS to publish inflammatory pics, but stop by and check out the hundred plus comments the Dad, Rifle, and Young Boy generated. lgf: Palestinian Child Abuse

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