Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Movie Reviews: Flightplan, Starring Clarice Starling

"Packed with enough crates of red herring to feed a starving of the lamest psychological thrillers to come along in a while"-- Les Wright, CULTUREVULTURE.NET

"See Jodie worry! See Jodie run! And please don't ask why we don't tranquilize her for the safety of other passengers."-- Phil Villarreal, ARIZONA DAILY STAR

"Flightplan is two-thirds of a great movie and one-third of a mediocre one, but hey, even the mediocre one has Jodie Foster in it."-- Eric D. Snider, ERICDSNIDER.COM

"This airborne Jodie Foster thriller pretty much runs on autopilot and lands somewhere between not bad and not great."-- James Rocchi, NETFLIX

"Where the flight from hell leads is no great shake, but getting there is exciting enough to be worth the trip."-- Dustin Putman, THEMOVIEBOY.COM

"A first-rate thriller before it crashes and burns in the final act...The solution to the mystery is a real groaner and a politically correct cop out."-- Chuck O'Leary, FANTASTICA DAILY

"What starts out as a decent thriller soon winds up plummeting to the ground, brought down by its own improbable plot twists and illogical storyline."-- Rebecca Murray, ABOUT.COM

"Every time the film starts to ascend into dramatic territory, it hits an air pocket and loses momentum"-- Susan Michals, FILMSTEW.COM

Think Panic Room at 30,000 feet. So Jodie's on this plane, okay, and it's loaded with evil looking bad, no less. But wait...who indeed ARE the bad guys?

Politically correct enough to make you hurl, and dumb enough to make you hate liberals even more because they dig shit like this.

SPOILER: So who ARE the kidapping scum that've stolen her child? Disregard entirely and curse my soul for even suggesting you'd want to know...but if you DO, then read backward or hold your monitor up to a mirror:



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