Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Specifically For Those Who Google Kim du Toit

Kim du Toit ran a successful blog relating to the pussification of men as seen through his eyes. Taking umbrage at any slight, real or imagined, he rallied his troops to dismiss the neutering of the American male as feminist propaganda, specifically designed to rob us of our precious bodily fluids.

A naturalized American citizen from South Africa, hence an African American, Mr. du Toit had a passing knowledge of firearms, particularly hunting rifles, but as far as I can determine never discharged a weapon in self defense against anything besides paper targets he was leery about. This of course in and of itself does NOT label Mr.du Toit as a chickenhawk, merely a wannabe poser that pretty much knew everything there was to know about everything.

He regularly posted what he came to refer as gratuitous gun pics, but did not understand the word gratuitous so he stopped doing so. His rantings were legion, his promise of retribution to all enemies foreign or domestic were venomous and descriptive, but at the end of the day can best be described as stale and hackneyed ramblings without a scintilla of original thought.

The internet is replete with various versions of the raving redneck persona who are all talk and no substance, as was evidenced by his erase and run as soon as the heat was on. Rumor has it that his wife's fledgling home-schooling business came to an abrupt halt once certain investors clicked into their website and recoiled in horror, unfounded but probably true. Mr.du Toit has asked that his full name not be mentioned in any blog, as his new occupation is a "public one" and he does not wish his new employers to come to the same conclusion the investor(s) did, namely the fact that he came across as a seriously disturbed individual with delusions of grandeur and enough persecution complexes to bring Sigmund Freud back from the dead.

As regular readers of Messenger are fully aware, I am a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and believe that even seemingly unbalanced individuals have the right to keep and bear arms, particularly those with internet muscles - the one's who foam at the mouth behind the anonymity of the web but resort to cut and run when the going gets the least bit tough. The true excercise of strength is in it's restraint, and grown men with feelings of inadequacy do not know this and should not be held accountable for being pure idiots, because when properly ignored, they'll eventually fade away with no lasting harm done. The du Toits of the world NEED an audience and even by disagreeing with them we provide such. I do so enjoy typing his name to be googled, and had a good time poking fun at a bloated old man who ran screaming into the woods for reasons unfathomable by the sane mind.

There are only a mere handful of true experts in the use of modern firearms, Pat Rogers for example, and Mr.du Toit was not on the same planet let alone the same league. Paying attention to the truly clueless can get you killed very quickly, so caveat emptor, and whenever an unknowledgeable individual with a large following bites the dust it is a win for the good guys.

I've posted this above information as an answer to certain emails I've received regarding Mr. du Toit, and from my perspective his hasty exit was good riddance to bad rubbish.


Anonymous said...

you are just soooo gay.....and lame.

Nate said...

Sniping at Kim now that he's offline, huh?

Classy move, asshat.