Monday, September 26, 2005

Michelle Malkin Remains Hot On The Trail

...Of The D.C. Antiwar Protestors, Courtesy Of The Wicked Witch From Crawford...

Michelle should be half as tough in her "mainstream" media opportunities as she is on her blog, but makes a good point that the feckless vandals are pretty much being allowed carte blanche in destroying private property and taxing the city's resources.
Violently protesting to promote peace is akin to raping to promote chastity, and if these cretins were really arrested and charged with felony's we'd soon see an end to their rampages. Not going to happen in the ultra-liberal D.C.

Michelle Malkin

"I've posted the second round of my photos from Saturday's Sheehanapalooza in Washington at my Flickr site. (Round one is here.)
What a lot of folks don't know is that the moonbats haven't left yet. Today, they plan on lobbying Capitol Hill and then sapping local police resources the entire day with what they're calling "nonviolent direct action." The event's main co-sponsor, the far left-wing group United for Peace and Justice, has organized a bunch of "affinity groups" who will try and get themselves arrested."

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