Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All The Leaves Are Brown...And The Sky Is Falling...

Attention Delaware drivers. Effective with model year 2014, all new vehicles sold in Delaware shall comply with California emissions standards. Delaware standards are no longer sufficient. New “green” standards make First State emission rules more stringent than even Federal regulations.
Thus spoke Delaware Secretary of Natural Resource and Environmental Control Colin O’Mara, in issuing his December 11, 2010 Order No. 2010-A-0039, amending Title 7 of the Delaware Administrative Code.
The new program will bring “considerable benefits to human health and the environment,” asserts a news release issued by Secretary O’Mara, a self proclaimed “energy entrepreneur” from California. However, since current model year cars already emit 95 percent fewer emissions than their 1970 predecessors, actual health and environmental improvements are likely to be minimal.

Thus an additional justification for the edict is the claim that it will protect planet Earth against “dangerous global warming.” That is equally dubious.

What is certain is that Secretary O’Mara has unilaterally raised the average cost of post-2013 vehicles sold in Delaware by at least $1,000, simply to comply with the department’s questionable findings. That’s according to an April 1, 2010 New York Times article. Industry experts say the regulations will add “about $3,000 to the up-front cost of the average car or truck,” notes PBS.

And to think all of this transpired without a whimper from Delaware’s elected officials, or mention in the papers. O’Mara claims the necessary notification and hearings took place. However, few Delawareans know nightmarish California air quality standards have been imposed on them, and fewer still understand the edict’s costs.

Delaware has long since surrendered to old hippy douchebags and commies so I couldn't care less WHAT those choosing, choosing mind you, to live in so shit stained a state have to pay for anything.  

Can't beat 'em, then LEAVE 'EM, is the real way in which to force such liberal bastions of modern slavery to collapse under their own stupidity.  Nothing on God's green earth is going to change the mind of those running California, New York, D.C., New Jersey, Ill-Annoy, and an easy half-dozen other lost causes, into running their business as if money did not grow on trees.

Nothing. The same states that will soon have to decide between feeding children and the elderly or continuing to provide free college for illegal immigrants, don't deserve to be saved. Their own actions have all but divorced them from the Union anyway, so why not get going while the going is still at least halfway good. You can go back in another 25 years or so, after the bottom that fell out must be redesigned to suit a sane population. Staying makes one an enabler so go back to being an American and live somewhere free.


David said...

"Can't beat 'em, then LEAVE 'EM... "

That, in a nutshell, was essentially one of the Founders' arguments for the Constitution's federal structure--a federalism that has been severely perverted since Mr. Lincoln's War (but of course, substituting a stronger centrl government for a federation of States was the primary purpose of Mr. Lincoln's War, and any contemporary historian who heeded Mr. Lincoln's own words and had an honest bone in his body would assert as much).

fits said...


David they'll be putting us on a watch-list. Now wouldn't that be cool though...