Monday, January 03, 2011

To Catch A Thief...

For months now Frost Cutlery has been advertising a Boy Scout Anniversary Commemorative knife (February 8th of 2010 was the 100th year of American Boy Scouting), claiming not only an affiliation with the Boy Scouts but that proceeds from the sale of these knives go to the BSA.  The thing is an absolute piece of junk, and I for one just do not believe that the Boy Scouts would have anything to do with this product, or Frost Cutlery itself for that matter...I mean, c'mon now...Boy Scouts of AMERICA using a company specializing in junk steel from Pakistan? So...

I've sent an email to BSA headquarters asking the following: "Is Frost Cutlery now or has it ever been affiliated with the BSA? Frost Cutlery is claiming that proceeds from the sale of knives decorated with emblems, names, and logos associated with the BSA go to support the BSA, and I'd like to know if this is true."

That's all. If Jim and Todd and Tom and Sheila are on the up and up then I'll be the first one to apologize to them while giving thanks for their contributions to so worthy an institution. If not, then I'm contacting the FCC as well as anyone else who'll listen to me that Frost Cutlery is using the BSA to sell product and has no right to do so.

Can you even imagine someone using the Boy Scouts so unscrupulously?

Sure can. We'll see. And not for nothing but on TV the knife looks nothing like this picture.

Oh and yes indeed; should you for some ungodly reason find yourself at Cutlery Corner online, the product number is CCN-21117. And for only $49.95 you too can have one of the dumbest looking pieces of cutlery ever made. Freight is extra and for this item probably around $20. Complete with Cork Screw should your Boy Scout find himself with a wine bottle that needs opening, and let's not forget the beer bottle opener, too.  Pretty much a $10 special from the land of the Chin, so don't dare miss the chance to own a nefarious insult to all things tasteful.


Already received a reply, in a form letter but still a reply, from the BSA:

Thank you for participating in Scouting.  Due to the heavy volume of emails, it 
may take us more than 24 hours to respond to your email.  We will respond to all 
emails in the order in which they are received.  Thank you for your patience. 


Bah_Humbug said...

Went to buy my son a Cub Scout knife at the BSA Council Store - only to find they were all Chi-nee pieces of shiite. - Now I'm wondering who the importer was. Probably Frost - I shall investigate next time I'm over there.

fits said...

Now that sucks. There are scads of US makers that'd make scout knives inexpensively for the BS, so what the heck gives.

badanov said...

Gunny doing the journalism thing.

Way to go. 8-)

fits said...

Well, you know how it is, Bad. Someone's gotta do something every now and again, even if no one else cares worth a shit.