Saturday, January 15, 2011

Peace Corps Gang Rapes Continue...

 ...But Since The Angry Left Considers Women To Be Mere Chattel..Nothing Is Done About It

More than 1,000 young American women have been raped or sexually assaulted in the last decade while serving as Peace Corps volunteers in foreign countries, an ABC News 20/20 investigation has found. 

In some cases, victims say, the Peace Corps has ignored safety concerns and later tried to blame the women who were raped for bringing on the attacks.

"I have two daughters now and I would never ever let them join the Peace Corps," said Adrianna Ault Nolan of New York, who was raped while serving in Haiti. 

She is one of six rape and sexual assault victims who agreed to tell their stories, in hopes the Peace Corps will do a better job of volunteer training and victim counseling. The report will be broadcast Friday night on 20/20. 

In the most brutal attack, Jess Smochek, 29, of Pennsylvania was gang raped in Bangladesh in 2004 by a group of young men after she says Peace Corps officials in the country ignored her pleas to re-locate her.
"They all took turns raping me," she told ABC News. "They raped me with their bodies,. They raped me with foreign objects."
Smochek says the group began to stalk her and tried to kiss her and touch her from the very first day she arrived at the city where she was assigned"

In every last city, town, hamlet or village I visited during my travels...and there were many...there were certain common denominators that were written in stone. Moslem countries meant rape and plenty of it. Females as young as 9 or 10, sold on a regular basis. I soon learned to disregard anything islam taught as being the proper way to conduct a society and realized that most of it was for nothing but show. Every male worker the companies I worked for hired were interested in two things before joining on. 

There must be a whore house nearby and that meant building one for them if need be. The other wasn't how much they earned but what form of payment they were to receive for their labors.  The married men would ask for rice first, and free visits to the whore house second. The single men wanted cash, and/or free visits as well, depending upon the exchange rate come payday. Whenever I'd balk at giving in to such a crazy way to do business the old hands would tell me that building them a whore house meant less girls, and boys, would be raped. Building them a shanty-bar meant less break-ins and robberies aimed at acquiring alcohol. 

While Haiti certainly isn't Afghanistan or some other dirty place, it is a dirty place all on its own. Barbarians think alike the world over, and civilization is supposed to be the wall between them and us. But all bets are off when lunatic organizations such as the Peace Corps move in to 'help'.

Females are dispensable, but without bringing a significant number of them along, Peace Corps types wouldn't even be allowed in.  They are the lure that gathers the fish. EVERYONE is aware of this.

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Woody said...

And all in the name of political correctness. We can't send only male volunteers to this or that country, that would be prejudice!

I hope she's a conservative now.

fits said...

If I heard "they don't let us in unless we bring young girls with us" once, I heard it a dozen times. Most youngsters begin as libs until the real world intrudes, and for anyone, anyone who has lived across the globe the single thing that smacks you in the face like a dead fish is the absolute fact that nowhere are people more forgiving and open than America. Being of Sicilian ancestry and letting it slip once without thinking I was thereafter referred to as a WOG by lots of folks in Australia of all places. Not really a white person, and therefore WithOutGod.

Sticks and stones and who gives a rats ass. Oh wait, Al Sharpton does. Compared to the US, the world as a whole is a dirty, prejudiced, disease-ridden hate fest, and when these traveling youngsters discover the truth they break down into little weepy pieces. Humans are nowhere near civilized or peaceful or even friendly and that's in the genes, and what allowed us to climb the apex predator ladder. Say la vee. Live with it and go on with your business.