Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minnesota Wrestling Coach Put on Leave for Reportedly Insulting Obama, Challenging Him to a Fight

An Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter has been placed on administrative leave from his job at a Minnesota high school after he insulted President Obama’s intelligence and challenged the commander in chief to a fight.

Jacob Volkmann told Fox News Radio that he is under investigation by White Bear Lake High School, where he has worked as a part-time assistant wrestling coach for three years.
“They didn’t like how I was representing the school,” he said. “They said I was representing them bad because of what I said about the president and his policies.”

Marisa Vette, the school district’s director of communications, confirmed to Fox News Radio that Volkmann is on paid leave. She refused to say if his comments about President Obama sparked the investigation.

“We have an employee who is on leave and the district is investigating in accordance with the law,” Vette said. She declined to elaborate on the investigation or any complaints that were made against Volkmann.
Volkmann’s comments came during a New Year’s Day interview after he had won a fight. A reporter asked who Volkmann would like to fight next and he replied, “Obama."

“He’s not too bright,” Volkmann told MMA Fighting. “Someone’s got to knock some sense into that idiot.”
The comment prompted a visit by the U.S. Secret Service after they received several calls accusing the fighter of threatening the president. However, Volkmann said the comments were tongue-in-cheek.

So lemme get this straight...

You can make a movie about killing George Bush...refer to him in all manner of abusive epithets...give speech after speech and essay upon essay concerning his incompetence...and that's A-Okay.

But with Barry...and trust me, this comes directly from the head moron himself...a private citizen must restrain from making his views known lest certain widdle feewings be hurt. 

And yeah; Obama is cowardly enough to DEMAND any and all speechifying be investigated if it bears even a hint of anger. SOB ain't a hero and that's what we needed dammit.

Oh yeah and please remember that this is happening in Minny-Sota. Which translates from the Amerind Winnebago dialect to mean "place where faggots meet to hump wampum", so but of course they'd get all sorts of riled over someone speaking his mind.

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