Wednesday, January 12, 2011

REAL ID Implementation: Less Expensive, Doable, and Helpful in Reducing Fraud

REAL ID driver’s license provisions derive from two sources. First, the 9/11 Commission recommended in 2004 that Congress set minimum standards for more secure issuance of driver’s licenses and birth records. The Commission made this recommendation based on the finding that terrorists’ easy access to state-issued IDs helped them embed in the United States, with 18 of the 19 hijackers having acquired a total of 30 state-issued IDs among them, documents that enabled them to board aircraft without additional scrutiny at check-in counters.

Nearly all of our most populous states at first balked at the idea of at long last fixing a dismal track record with regards to the issuance of drivers licenses to illegal aliens and identity thieves.

California is still opposed to the REAL ID act, finding all the money it needs to create bike lanes and send illegal immigrants to college but crying poor mouth when it comes to assuring that a drivers license is issued to a person legally entitled to one. This after having SPENT the federal funding dollars allocated to REAL ID upon who-knows-what. New York, almost as broke as any other illegal haven, had the lesson of 9/11 to provide the necessary stimulus and is closing in on compliance. Florida had years ago tired of the mess illegal Cubans were making of the highways and byways and was one of the first states TO comply, while Texas continues to report that the Feds haven't coughed up enough cash, and no funding means no REAL ID.

On one hand, Texas needs to be applauded for not bowing in obeisance to every dumbass federal program that comes down the pike, but does need to get its house in order when it comes to REAL ID.


BeatTheChip said...

Your problem is loss of Americans jobs due to globalization, not immigrants. You dump on "illegal aliens"; but over identifying Americans won't stop the black market labor trade in the US and corrupt insiders to produce "papelles". In fact it will drive the prices of local labor way down and Americans will be undercut for basic labor jobs in construction and agricilture. Start screeching to you leaders about why their solar panel factories aren't manufacturing in Small Town, USA. Alternative energy production & manufacturing is the fastest growing job sector in the world.

fits said...

"Start screeching to you leaders..."

What the hell does that mean? "You leaders"? Take me to you leader? Take you to my leader? Pepsi 2-liter?

Let's make a deal. I won't arrive uninvited to any place of yours and shit all over the rug. You do the same. But...come back any time you've learned: 1) to speak and write English, and B) how to behave in a civilized manner like noble folks of all ages have learned to do ever since we kicked the Brits out.

Liberals ALWAYS make an ass of themselves when they argue. You are no different. Grow the fuck up or never darken my door again, Snydley!