Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Too Hot By Half

Since I all but refuse to turn on the A/C in mid-January, Fort Fits is in full frontal doors and windows akimbo mode and will most likely remain that way for the remainder of the week. Ya see, in Floriduh, it's the sunshine. Kinda where it got its nickname. Doesn't matter really all that much what the idiot weatherman says the temp is, if you're soaking up Sol's rays you're gonna be hot. With just a window open and no heat nor A/C going, we returned home after trifling the morning away and the place was a blast furnace upon re-entry.

It is a latitude and longitudinal deal. Since idiot weathermen report temps taken from shaded thermo-meters, visitors to Ponce de Leons's Playhouse pay them far too much attention and dress according to areas skillfully hidden from that little yellow star in Milky Way ville, rather than what is truly going down. My very own thermo-meter, the one facing the sky above not the mud below, reports an 80 Fahrenheit-ical degree of measurement and why I'm telling you all this is beyond me. Probably from hearing that Florida was the single state amongst the contiguous that has been spared a blizzard, and one of the reasons we moved here to begin with.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogcast.

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