Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rep. Giffords in Intensive Care After Being Shot in the Head

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is in an intensive care unit following surgery for a gunshot wound in the head at close range, the University of Arizona Medical Center announced Saturday afternoon.

Dr. Peter Rhee, a surgeon and chief of the trauma, critical care and emergency surgery, said he is "very optimistic" about the congresswoman's recovery.
However, Federal District Judge John M. Roll was shot and killed during the town-hall style event outside a Safeway grocery store in Tucson.

According to the law enforcement official, the suspect began shouting something before shooting wildly with an automatic weapon. Shots then rang out from the crowd --  a security agent or someone else fired at the suspect who survived.

One must presume these dolts are talking about a semi-automatic weapon, because getting the facts straight isn't something the modern Yellowstream Media members do with any degree of regularity. 

He, and perhaps an accomplice, most likely employed semi-automatic handguns, and what is unusual, so far, is their degree of accuracy. Since of course they were "shooting wildly". Glad they caught him and I hope he fries. 

Oh yeah and by the way; prepare for the liberal media's assault as they lie about his political affiliations. This kid is a lefty loon if  ever there WAS a lefty loon.

Just be ready to repel boarders.


badanov said...

If we're gonna have to have leftist boarders, they best put in some range time. 8-)

fits said...

Boarders, renters, lessees. WE can handle 'em all each and every one. Funny thing you mentioning range time, as I just informed the better half that I needed an hour or two a week more. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm needing more time to get off "quick" shots that bear any resemblance to accuracy. I mean, I'm thinking FAST, FAST, FAST, but am not getting the results. In all honesty, Bad, I may have to drop down a caliber in the not too distant future. I've already been toying with .44 Special to at times replace hot loaded .357's, and perhaps using out of the box .40 S&W instead of DoubleTap screamers. Since I can actually wear a light jacket in the winter here, that's my revolver time of the year. Come late March its back to semi-auto mostly but I'll never drop to 9mms. Would rather pack a .25.

badanov said...

The closest I can get to a pistol these days is in Raven Shield FPS. I prefer .40 S&W for pure power.