Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Obama's Mad Dash To The Center...

We will likely see more bloodletting as Obama continues to throw the old crew under the bus.  He is jettisoning people as fast as he can since they have rubbed so many people the wrong way -- and, more importantly, reflected poorly on Obama as a leader.  These offenders have also made Obama's own actions seem sinister, since having key positions filled by fans of Karl Marx and Chairman Mao led to voter suspicions regarding Obama's own agenda.  Hence, Van Jones and Anita Dunn got the heave-ho.

The always acerbic Robert Gibbs is packing his bags.  The often foul-mouthed Rahm Emanuel departed to become the likely mayor of Chicago.  David Axelrod, Obama's campaign strategist, who was promoted to chief domestic adviser upon Obama's ascension to the Oval Office, will also be returning to the Windy City.  The White House and the man who lives there will be perceived as less insular and arrogant.  A supporting cast can do wonders for the image of the lead actor.

What is intriguing is how Obama has been filling these actors' places with Democratic moderates who have less of an axe to grind and more of an income to earn.  Bill Daley takes over the Chief of Staff job -- he has warm relations with the business community.  Vice President Joe Biden has just announced his own new Chief of Staff, Bruce Reed -- also a moderate.  The cast of characters Obama is now assembling has a Clintonian tint to it; Clinton is, of course, the only Democrat to win reelection since Franklin Roosevelt.  Obama will continue to surround himself with moderates; their images will rub off on him, and the image of him as a polarizing figure will fade in time."
Nope. Back when BJ Billy was running HIS scam, there was no internet to speak of.  There are certain folks who disremember that, and think it'll be easy for Barry to make a sharp right turn, but already the fanatics who help put him several rungs above his competency level are bailing and yes, America's much vaunted Heartland is what makes or breaks elections but California, New York, and Ill-Annoy MUST have the Obamatrons manning the phones and handing out the pamphlets.

Barry can act, sure he can. But his droids can't. And anyone with even a halfassed ability to debate can cream this guy hands down. Now all WE must do is keep pummeling away at this charlatan without letting up.

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