Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ill-Annoy Leads The Way

Elections do have consequences. Illinois voters are now being rewarded for electing Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn to a full term. Quinn replaced the disgraced Rod Blagojevich in 2009, then won a narrow victory to serve a full term in the 2010 election. Now he is about to sign into law a whopping 67 percent personal income tax increase, and a 46 percent business tax hike. The increases were passed at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday at the tail end of a lame-duck session with no votes to spare and not a single Republican in favor. The new legislature, sworn in 12 hours later, would have defeated the scheme. 

Facing a $15 billion deficit, and lagging $6.8 billion behind in paying its bills, Illinois Democrats argued that raising taxes was the only responsible thing to do. Of course, the responsible thing would have been to spend less in the years before, and to cut spending now rather than boosting taxes. But even in their current crisis, Illinois Democrats prefer to make taxpayers clean up the politicians' mess. In July, for example, Quinn gave 40,000 of the state's unionized and heavily Democratic workers a two-year, 14 percent pay raise.

Here's the liberal Democrat plan in a nutshell. Tax those who do not work for the government. Government workers also pay taxes, sure they do, but make so much MORE than a similarly employed man it doesn't hurt as much. Their benefits are also Galaxy-Class, but far be it for me to get down on someone for making as much as he can. Only trouble with that is the fact that the only place TO work will be in the government, or a Union so closely affiliated with the government the lines are all but indistinguishable.

Anyone not working for the government is either independently wealthy, like theatrical and circus performers and Hollywood writers, etc. It is necessary to keep them gainfully wealthy in order to have someone to pay even higher taxes. 

That leaves the 50-60 percent of Americans who will happily slide into welfare like an old man into a warm bath after shoveling snow all the livelong day.


No more work, no more nut, no more hassle. "Retire" to Florida or Arizona upon reaching 60, and be mercifully put to sleep by a death panel 5 or 6 years later.

Politicians and government workers and those oh so funny and entertaining circus clowns can of course do far better, so why DIDN'T you take that cushy government gig to begin with? Slacker. Or learn to sing. Michelle Obama likes to listen to singers. And dancers and jugglers and yes, clowns. EVERY future first lady will be the same way, establishing a precedent does that ya know, so don't believe that things will change simply because for one moment in time America awakened and voted the Obamas back to Ill-Annoy where they belong. 

Mrs. Romney will take to emulating royalty in a snap.

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