Friday, January 14, 2011

Powerful Expanding Shotgun Slug

Nearly One and a half inches of expansion in this interesting new 12 gauge ("guage" for you Fudds dialing in from Neeeeebraska) shotgun slug. Have some on order and will report back.

Click here for more.


bah_humbug said...

If it's nice as the fancy graphics you're good to go! I wonder if the Box-O-Truth is aware of this?

fits said...

The old Fudd probably wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole because they ain't re-loadable and cheap. If someone were to send him a passel he'd sure tell us how many water jugs it'd kill at the same time though.

fits said...

Took a look at some of the other YouTube videos from J&G Sales and I sure wish these guys had used genuine ballistic gelatin instead of the bogus stuff that really isn't comparable to it. The slugs remain interesting enough to go play with but I mistakenly thought they were using 10% gel. And whoever told them to wear those hats needs a talking to.